How Do I Track & Measure Hashtag Performance On Social Media?

Hashtags are a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox, but only if you use them strategically. While most people squeeze them anywhere in their posts, others play wise and track them. Next obvious question that might bug you is how to measure hashtag performance. Luckily, there are several hashtag analytics tools that can take the … Read more

How Do I Calculate Follower Growth Rate For Instagram?

When tracking any social media metric, it’s best to think in terms of rates and percentages rather than raw numbers. Rather than tracking the raw number of social media followers you’ve gained or lost, tracking your follower growth rate is much better. Before we jump into follower growth rate calculators, let’s look at exactly what … Read more

How Do I Calculate Engagement Rate In 2023?

Social media accounts with larger followers are going to see more interactions on their posts. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean their content is better. The engagement rate gives us an assessment of the quality of the content, independent of the number of followers an account has. What is Engagement Rate? Engagement rate is a metric … Read more

How to Calculate the ROI of a Social Media Influencer Over Time

Influencer marketing is all the rage. That’s because audiences would much rather hear from personalities they know and love rather than a brand they’ve never heard of. Jump Links: Influencer Social Media MetricsHow to Calculate the ROI of an InfluencerInfluencer ROI Calculation Examples Collaborating with an influencer is a great way to fast-track your success, … Read more

How Do You Measure Brand Awareness on Social Media?

Many brands chase the pot of gold known as “growing brand awareness,” but few companies ever set measurements for how much brand awareness they really have. Luckily, social media offers several metrics for tracking brand awareness. Jump Links: What is Brand Awareness?Social Media Brand Awareness Metrics You Can TrackIs There a Brand Awareness Calculation? What … Read more

How Does Sentiment Analysis Work?

Sentiment analysis is an automated process that determines the emotional tone behind a message.  Jump Links: Sentiment Analysis in Social MediaThe Benefits of Using Sentiment Analysis Sentiment analysis is powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms. These artificially intelligent bots are trained on millions of pieces of text to detect if … Read more

What’s The Difference Between Impressions and Reach?

Impressions and reach are two different ways of measuring the viewership of your social media content. Jump Links: The Difference Between Impressions and ReachWhat are Impressions?What is Reach? The Difference Between Impressions and Reach What counts as impressions or reach differs from one social media platform to the next, but the core difference between impressions … Read more

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