We Analyzed A Million #Halloween2020 Social MediaPosts – This Is What We Learned

Despite restrictions, Halloween made a splash this year, at least on social media. There were over 963.7K posts with the hashtag #Halloween2020, which resulted in 5.5 billion impressions this past October, showing that people were still excited about the beloved holiday. But most importantly, what are people talking about? #TrickorTreat 192.4K Posts and 589.9M Impressions … Read more

Social Listening: Best Practices For Growing Businesses

Updated on January 23rd, 2020. More than listening to what customers are saying about your brand or industry in the social sphere, this one question is important: What do you do with what your customers and prospects say on social media? Jump Links: 5 Social Listening Best Practices: 1. Pick a Successful Competitor to Imitate2. … Read more

Benchmarking: Analyze Industry Competitors and Enhance Marketing Strategy Using Social Media Benchmarking (+6 Step Plan!)

How does your social media performance compare to your competition? And how do you even begin to answer that question? In this guide, we’ll cover the metrics and benchmarking tactics needed to judge the performance of your social media campaigns. What type of success have your competitors seen? Where do you stand relative to them? … Read more

Using Twitter Advanced Search to Diversify Marketing and Increase Engagement

With 335 million active users, Twitter is undeniably the home of amazing opportunities, especially for brands that want to engage with their fans and followers. From finding leads to providing customer support to free PR and media mentions, the marketing opportunities are endless.  Before you get too excited, there’s a but.  The more users join … Read more

Using Hashtag Tracking to Optimize Social Listening Strategy [+ Tools!]

When many marketers and community managers think of social listening, manually scouring through sets of posts, tweets and messages comes to mind. But being left with a small relevant dataset is common, even though the process involves keyword research to target what your audience is saying about your brand and competitors. Adding hashtags to your … Read more

Broadcast and Media Companies: Improving Performance with Social Media Analytics

Social media has changed the dynamics of marketing, reshaped the way people consume information and revolutionized the way brands and organizations communicate with their audience. In a world where information is available in real time and content is accessible on-demand, broadcast and media companies have to keep pace with changing audience expectations. Below, we will … Read more

5 Under Analyzed Social Media Metrics that Matter [+ Tools to Measure Them!]

This post was updated on November 27th, 2019. With so many social media analytics tools that focus on different stats, it’s hard to figure out which metrics matter. Some of the most important ones are often ignored in favour of “vanity metrics” – numbers that don’t help guide your marketing decisions, but are easy to … Read more

Keyhole How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis crises 6 steps how to

6 Critical Steps to Avoid a Social Media Crisis

Social media is an enormously powerful tool for managing customer relationships, broadcasting positive brand stories and introducing new products. But while the benefits of this free, fast and intuitive marketing channel are virtually limitless, it also has some potentially serious risks. But there’s good news; with proper planning you can avoid the most common mistakes … Read more

Attention: These Keyword Research Tips can Skyrocket Your Website Conversions

Website getting traffic but still not getting conversions? If you think your content’s fine, then perhaps you need to take a look at your keyword strategy? Yes, you sometimes need to go all the way back to make sure you’re drawing in quality leads from the right channels. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the … Read more

Using Popular Hashtags To Grow Your Business

Do you use hashtags — catchy, attention-grabbing conversation anchors that people want to be associated with? If not, you can learn how here. Hashtag 101– If you already know what hashtags are, skip this part and proceed to advanced hashtag uses below. How hashtags work: When you use a #hashtag, you are adding your post … Read more

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